SAP HR Dashboards Highlight HR Analytics, But Watch The Data.

As with any sophisticated human resources (HR) analytics initiative, alignment with the business and a focus on data quality are critical to ensuring success, and HR dashboards can provide the needed support, industry watchers say.

Historically, analytics has been more of a reporting function in HR, and line-of-business owners and HR execs were highly dependent on IT to create the reports and data models because they lacked accessible tools. The advent of new dashboard capabilities, in-memory databases and advanced analytics is changing that requirement, allowing HR professionals and business leaders to easily pull together HR dashboards that display metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) pertinent to their interests.

“Typically IT had access to the data model and data warehouse and would have to create these things — HR wasn’t equipped to do it themselves,” explained Kouros Behzad, director of solution management for line-of-business HR at SAP. “What we’re focusing on now is providing the content and metrics to get professionals what they need without all that much focus on the tools.”


Key elements for HR dashboard design

Trends in HR data visualization

Ten KPI templates for HR dashboards

As an example, Behzad points to SAP’s planned third-quarter 2012 release of SAP BusinessObjects Executive HR Reporting, an HR analytics application that will deliver 50 to 60 predefined HR metrics out of the box, allowing top executives to configure HR dashboards with HR metrics they want to monitor, including turnover, costs, training and absenteeism.  For the rest of the article by Beth Stackpole for go here.


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