The Day Labor Union Dominance Died.

The tidal wave started last night. It’s a new day in America. The dominance of public employee unions was broken for the first time. Not just in any states. But in the two most liberal pro-union states possible.

The common-sense crowd will be emboldened. This grass-roots fire has just started. It will now spread from coast to coast. Huge victories in liberal Wisconsin and The Peoples Republic of California are the canary in the coal mine.

The days of dominance for public employee unions just peaked. They will never see a stronger day than yesterday, ever again. It’s a long downhill slide from here.

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker won easily and big in a state filled with not only union members, but union history. Wisconsin was the first state to ever grant public employees the right to collective bargaining. That was the single biggest mistake in U.S. economic history.

Wisconsin is filled with cheese-eating, bleeding-heart white liberals (in Madison) and far too many government employees and their many relatives, along with a big percentage of black voters (in Milwaukee) and all the other usual Democratic suspects. It has been a true-blue Democrat state for decades. Read the full article on The Day Labor Union Dominance Died


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