Compensation Daily Advisor Week in Review—May 21 to May 25, 2012

This week, the Compensation Daily Advisor discussed executive compensation, age discrimination, and pay budgets for 2013. Here’s the Compensation Daily Advisor week in review.

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Executive Compensation—The “Third Payroll”—There are different types of incentives for executives, and taxation becomes increasingly important in compensation planning, says consultant David Wudyka. In this article Wudyka offers insights on designing executive pay plans.

Perks, Imputed Income, and Phantom Stock—Exec Comp’s Tools—In this article, consultant David Wudyka offers more insights on designing executive pay plans, covering topics such as stock-based plans, executive base-pay, and more.

Business Necessity No, RFOA Yes (Age Discrimination)—In disparate impact age discrimination cases, employers can now defend under the easier standard of “Reasonable Factor Other Than Age” thanks to a new final rule from EEOC.

EEOC’s Five Factors for Establishing RFOA—Here are the three remaining “considerations” for establishing “Reasonable Factors Other than Age.”

Pay Budgets for 2013–What’s the Plan?—Compensation planning?  Everyone needs good survey data to support their decision-making about pay budgets, and luckily there’s a new survey that can help.


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