The Rise Of Workplace Feedback Apps.

Startups are continuing to encourage remote workplaces, mobile employees and cloud-based sharing. As a result, founders and managers have run into problems related to keeping employees happy amidst the talent war, keeping remote teams connected, and keeping employees performing at their best. Big companies, similarly, have problems managing their disconnected, large teams. Both startups and big companies are using workplace feedback apps to keep otherwise distant employees connected, communicating, sharing successes, and encouraging happiness.

By developing SaaS-based workplace feedback apps that allow companies to manage multiple levels of employee satisfaction and goal progression,Rypple was one of the earliest startups to take advantage of the workplace feedback trend. The company was acquired by Salesforce in December 2011, and now a new crop of workplace feedback apps are trying to help employers and employees stay connected.

Wooboard is focused on providing employees with recognition and highlighting their accomplishments, and the company is quickly demonstrating that investor interest in the space does not begin and end with Rypple. Backed by $700,000 in seed and angel funding, Wooboard has carved out a place for itself since it launched in 2011. The app allows companies to highlight their top performers, show employees appreciation, and keep teams working together.

Workitywork puts a more unique twist on the trend by zeroing in on employee morale and satisfaction. By tracking workplace happiness daily and recording company-wide opinions, in addition to traditional recognition features like congratulatory emails, Workitywork takes a slightly different tack than others in this space. With more features related to employee happiness than just recognition, which some would argue go together, Workitywork serves as an indication of where the trend is headed.

Aside from keeping teams connected, workplace feedback apps also help keep them satisfied. As human resources and psychology experts are discovering, recognition is among the top career motivators. Feeling valued and appreciated is much more powerful, at least among non-physical employees, than money or status. Rypple, Wooboard and Workitywork are all providing managers with ways to recognize employees and keep them feeling satisfied, which in turn reduces expensive turnover rates.

“The tide is changing in the workplace. Today’s workforce doesn’t want to stay at a job for 20 years because of the great benefits and a promised pension,” said Workitywork co-founder Ashli Norton in an interview. “Today’s workforce wants to be inspired, excited, and satisfied with the work they do and the only way employers can really know if this is happening is by getting honest, real-time feedback from the team.”

Newcomers like Wooboard and Workitywork will continue to struggle to compete with Rypple, which now has the backing of an enterprise leader Salesforce. It’s clear that the increasingly mobile and complicated startup workplace will continue to fuel this new trend. Expect to see even more startups popping up in the space as entrepreneurs and big companies alike struggle to keep up with talent wars, lofty goals, and expanding teams.  Source/Credit:  Renee Warren for BetaKit,com.


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