Internal Talent Progression: Fail To Be Heard And Simply Fail?

The HR Think Tank Series, powered by Oasis Search, presents findings suggesting that high profile talent are hindering chances of progressing internally by failing to get themselves noticed by Senior Leadership. Conclusions are drawn from a Talent Think Tank (TTT) hosted at AXA UK’s head-quarters by Mike Ashman, Talent Identification Manager.

This Talent Think Tank event, comprised of 25 senior HR thought-leaders from a multitude of industries, expressed concern that ‘unseen’ or ‘unheard’ talent perhaps lack the drive to further their careers; which in turn is extracting them from talent programmes and succession plans.

Experts from the session also proposed that we might be over-engineering the whole talent process and consequently reducing management buy-in and causing an organisational ‘turn-off’. It’s suggested that stripping back the glossy procedures and bringing the focus back to effective coaching conversations is one of the keys to improving talent identification and engagement.

Jeremy Thornton, co-founder of the HR Think Tank Series and Director of Oasis Search comments:
“Ultimately, talent identification needs to be a proactive process embedded into organisational behaviour. Talent professionals need to develop strategies to embed the process into the mind-set, language and ways of working of the rest of the business.

“A critical component is to create senior management engagement and powerful advocacy; and yet the paradox remains that whilst everyone recognises the strategic importance of this issue, few businesses (and their leaders) seem to be fully and consistently engaged in the process. Organisations don’t want to find themselves in a position where their future leaders haven’t been given the support and opportunity to make themselves visible, that they end up jumping ship and joining competitors.”

Think Tanks are free invitation only events and held exclusively for senior HR professionals. To be considered for membership telephone 0207 11 88 444 or email


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