Boom! Projections, Inc. Responds To NLRB Support Of Union Organizing Efforts With App For HR, Labor Relations Pros.

Check this out. The successful union organizer of today isn’t running an internal organizing committee with flyers, and meeting those employees at a lodge or a bar; but rather communicating via social media, text, e-mail, etc.  A good organizer always targets the mobile employees in a unit such as the maintenance technician, fork-lift operator, IT trouble shooter and so on.  You need to stay mobile and current as well. The free “Labor Insider” app allows HR and Labor Relations professionals to stay current with NLRB petition information, daily labor news updates, a Google Alerts feed, and mobile Projections’ Inc. resources and video.

A leading employee communications firm Projections, Inc. today announced the release of their platform independent app, the “Labor Insider,” available to human resources and labor relations professionals. Labor Insider offers mobile access to the most relevant and timely labor relations information. Best of all, the app is free of charge to Projections’ Insider Members, available with free online registration.

“We wanted to create a way for companies – and the attorneys and consultants that advise them – to have up-to the minute information about the labor activity that has the potential to affect them,” said Projections’ CEO, Walter Orechwa. “With today’s volatile and ever-changing environment, those in our industry need the best, most current information they can get their hands on.”

In a joint effort with Labor Research Partners (LRP), the Projections app features NLRB petition information, including company name, union, and region. The petition information is well organized, and can be sorted by location, company name, date or union. Based on the petition details, the app also provides specific communication recommendations and allows users to view those employee communication resources on their mobile devices. Drew Kronick, Executive Vice President of Labor Research Partners said, “The availability of this information in a mobile format is unprecedented. It’s a huge leap forward, allowing companies and labor professionals to react quickly when it’s vital to do so.”

A more in-depth version of the Labor Insider app that includes full NLRB petition data is available to corporate representatives for a monthly subscription fee. This “Pro” version of the app is also available to attorneys and consultants free of charge when they subscribe Labor Research Partners LRP Daily Report.

Links to the day’s top labor news are available through the app, broken down into top headlines, organizing, bargaining, strikes, and politics. With headlines and a brief synopsis, users can easily absorb as much – or as little – information on each story as they wish. “Subscribers to Projections’ weekly “Join the Conversation” labor news email will particularly appreciate this feature, as many of them have requested more frequent updates,” said Orechwa.

The robust app also offers a direct Google Alerts feed, allowing users to set up and monitor any keywords they like from within the app. Many of the features & resources of Projections Insider Network are also accessible from the app, including full length video previews and online ordering.

To download the free app to your mobile device, you must be a Projections Insider member. Membership is complimentary and registration is available on the Projections website.

Projections Insider Members can download the new app and use their Insider login credentials to get started.

About Projections: Projections is the country’s most trusted employee communications company specializing in labor relations. With the most advanced technology available, Projections produces videos, websites and innovative eLearning solutions for clients throughout North America. Areas of expertise include Employee Orientation, Training, Labor Relations, Company Benefits, Corporate Image and Change, and Workplace Issues such as Diversity, Harassment, and more. After more than 30 years in business and dozens of industry awards, Projections is proud to work with some of the largest – and smallest- employers in the world. Visit Projections here.

About Labor Research Partners: Labor Research Partners has been serving the business community since 2005 with The LRP Report, a daily aggregation of the previous day case and petition filings from all Regional offices of the National Labor Relations Board. The subscription-based report is delivered daily via email in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format. At Labor Research Partners, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber. To subscribe to the LRP Report, please visit their site here.


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