New Job Offers For Fired Secret Service Agent’s ‘Trained Eyes.”

In the wake of the Secret Service prostitution scandal, several agents have already been fired, but new opportunities are already becoming available for them.

Several of the Secret Service members have already been offered jobs that would use their keen instincts and eagle-eyes to help spot top-quality escorts, according to various media outlets.

The escort website Adult Search sent the letter to the agents offering them positions as “reviewers” of potential entertainers.

In the letter, the owner of Adult Search tries to convince the ousted agents in joining their company because of the skill set that they possess.

It explained that the agents “trained eyes can tell the difference between a common prostitute (since prostitution is illegal and we don’t condone it) and the legal adult escorts we list,” according to the letter obtained by TMZ.

The escort that was involved in the incident has not fared quite as well.

Diana Suarez, 24, became the focal point of the Secret Service scandal when several agents were discovered to have been partying in Cartagena before President Obama’s arrival for a Latin American conference.

A lawyer who is representing her said that she left Cartagena after several photographs were published showing her posing provocatively in high heels, and one photo showing her in a bikini.

“Put yourself in her shoes,” her lawyer, Marlon Betancourt said. “Her photo out there has caused her too much stress.”

The situation escalated after a dispute involving money owed to Suarez. Reports indicate that Suarez agreed to be paid $800 but when she was only offered $30, she refused to leave the room.

Local police were called and Suarez finally left the room, but it was too late, as word of the situation reached the American embassy.

“It was the first time this ever happened to her,” taxi driver José Pena, who drove from the hotel, told The Post.  Source/Credit:


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