2012 Salaries To Remain Unchanged Over 2011 In Healthcare Industry.

Integrated Healthcare Strategies, a national consulting firm dedicated exclusively to healthcare and focused on improving the operations of healthcare organizations, today announced key findings from its Spring 2012 Salary Increase, Incentive, and Benefit Updates Survey. The firm, with offices in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Dallas, conducts the survey as a series and has published five previous surveys on this topic.

“At the start of the unstable conditions in the US economy, Integrated Healthcare Strategies began monitoring trends in healthcare salary increases, incentive practices, and benefit changes,” said Kevin Talbot, Executive Vice President and leader of the Executive Compensation and Governance service line of Integrated Healthcare Strategies. “This sixth survey in the series examines the last quarter of 2011 and into the first quarter of 2012.”

The results of the survey indicate that nearly 90% of hospitals and health systems are either leaving 2012 salary increase budgets unchanged from 2011 or increasing budgets from 2011. Although salary increases for executives, middle management, and staff-level employees continue to be at levels below historical trends, the survey found that budgeted salary increases are slightly higher than the levels reported in earlier surveys conducted by the firm. The median budgeted salary increases for 2012 is 2.5% for executives, 2.8% for middle management, and 2.6% for staff. Organizations reported that they were able to follow through and provide the increases they had budgeted in 2011. This survey showed that actual increases were on par with budgeted increases in 2011. “We expect these numbers to continue to increase at a conservative pace through 2012,” said Talbot….Read the full text here.


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