Tiny Tech Budget For HR? Try Mobile Comp And Benefit Apps.

Human resources departments with small budgets can turn to a growing variety of free and low-cost mobile and web-based applications to increase efficiency and cut costs.

Many apps are designed specifically for small and midsize organizations. The apps are available in several areas of HR, including hiring, benefits, attendance and performance reviews.

Several apps help you in managing HR systems. Example: Waypointhr.com’s free app tracks employee records such as performance reviews, attendance data and exit interviews. Addi­­tional for-fee add-ons provide more functions.

Also, OrangeHRM.com’s free app manages personnel information, recruit­­ment, benefits, attendance and more. The site’s online app store sells add-on modules in several areas, including résumé archiving, training and HR policies. Add-on costs range from around $100 to $1,500.

Hiring, recruitment and applicant tracking apps are also available.

Applicantstack.com’s e-recruitment software costs $65 to $350 per month, depending on the number of people who use the software and the applicant capacity required.TheResumator.com costs $49 to over $199 per month, de­­pend­­ing on the number of job openings an organization fills at one time. Jobvite.com offers a for-fee app that enables HR to recruit candidates through social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Some apps are specialized:

•    HRconcepts.biz provides a free self-service benefits app that enables employees to check balances, transactions and claims for HSA, FSA and HRA health benefit accounts.

•    Interfacet.com’s diversityDNA is a free diversity training app that fo­­cuses on the best practices for communicating about cultural difference.

•    GradienceSoftware.com’s app specializes in attendance and employee timekeeping. Cost: $219. Another version of the tool includes an “FMLA Tracker” for $459.

•    Nimbleschedule.com goes one better by integrating scheduling functions into its timekeeping system. It’s es­­pecially geared toward organizations with employees working in multiple locations. Cost: $35 to $170 per month, depending on the number of employees.

•    HRatyourfingertips.com is a free mobile reference app that includes a glossary of more than 270 HR terms and helps define key federal HR laws.

Online resources: To identify top HR apps go to www.softwareadvice.com (under the “By Application” tab, click on “Human Resources”) or www.appappeal.com (click on “Employ­­ment” in left column, then “HR Management”).

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