AFL-CIO Has Brand New Website…”More Than Just A Pretty Face.”

You can see it here.

We’ve got great news! Tomorrow we are launching a new AFL-CIO website and blog with a fresh, clean look and streamlined navigation and search functions that will enable you to find what you need more efficiently across the website and blog.

One of the key goals of our new site is to make it easier for you to upload photos, videos and events so we can highlight the great work of union members and our allies. There are many options for interactivity across the site and new ways to take action and get involved in your community.

The AFL-CIO Now blog will have many interactive features as well, including the ability to comment by logging in with social media accounts. If you are a current commenter on the AFL-CIO Now blog, you will need to register again to comment. By logging in with social media accounts, you can:

  • Comment with your social profile and become a persona on our blog.
  • Subscribe  to comment threads more easily.
  • Easily share comments with your social networks.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience of registering to comment again, but we think you’ll like the new look and the improved features of the website and blog.

We hope the new site and blog will help us build an even bigger  community of activists and encourage you to be part of creating a vibrant online community.

Please send us your comments and suggestions along the way.

And join us tomorrow for the launch of the new AFL-CIO online community!


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