Clash Over NLRB Erupts At House Hearing.

By Melanie Trottman for The Wall Street Journal.

The partisan clash over President Barack Obama’s NLRB recess appointments was on full display at a House hearing Tuesday: Democrats called the meeting a waste of time and Republicans called it instructive.

Republicans said they scheduled the hearing of the House Education and the Workforce Committee to assess the implications the recess appointments will have on workers and employers.

Chairman John Kline (R., Minn.) said the hearing established the recess appointments are “going to cause difficulties throughout our economy.” The reason? In the coming months, businesses will struggle over whether board decisions are legitimate and should be followed, he said, citing witness testimony on behalf of employers

Rep. George Miller (D., Calif.), the committee’s top Democrat, suggested the debate was an attack on the National Labor Relations Board. “Today is just another legislative day dedicated to divisive issues,” he said.

Mr. Miller said it will likely be the Supreme Court, not Congress, that decides whether the recess appointments violated the Constitution, and the committee should be focusing its efforts on other issues such as job creation instead of having its sixth hearing “attacking” the NLRB.


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  1. Yes, Rep. Miller, it will likely be the Supreme Court who has the final call on the administration’s latest attempted end run around the Constitution…but that doesn’t mean Congress should sit back and accept these appointments. The issue that our “Representatives” should be addressing is whether the President should continue to be given a free pass to walk NLRB nominees past the front door of the Senate and right to their new offices.

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