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36 Years Ago Tonight, 29 Seafarer’s Union Members Perished.

At 7:00pm tonight the Edmund Fitzgerald went down, and as a product of Cleveland I remember it well.  Gordon Lightfoot’s tributary song is as haunting as the newscasts were….well for me anyway.

Silicon Valley Diversity? Not So Much.

How diverse are Silicon Valley’s offices and executive suites? Activists have been trying for years to answer that question, but some of the industry’s largest and most influential employers — including Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook — closely guard that information.

Every U.S. company with more than 100 employees is required to file a one-page form each year with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), an independent federal agency. Called the EEO-1, the form categorizes U.S. workers by their race and gender.

It’s a blunt and imperfect measurement tool, but it’s also the only hard data available for tracking the diversity of corporate America.

CNNMoney filed a Freedom of Information request in August seeking EEO-1 data from 20 companies: The tech industry’s 10 biggest firms by annual sales and 10 smaller but influential firms, including Facebook and Twitter. The EEOC denied the request in full, saying it is legally prohibited from releasing that information. CNNMoney later filed the same request with the Department of Labor, and is awaiting a response.

We also asked all 20 companies to voluntarily release parts of their most recent EEO-1 report. Three companies agreed to do so: Dell, Ingram Micro (IM, Fortune 500) and Intel.

Intel (INTC, Fortune 500), which posts its workforce data annuallyon its website, reflects the tech industry’s typical demographic skew: Its roster of nearly 44,000 U.S. workers is overwhelmingly male and mostly white.  Get the full read at CNN Money.com.



Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something For A Veteran.

It’s important to many of us that we recognize that we owe our service men and women more than a pat on the back or applause at the airport.  They deserve a helping hand back into civilian life.  In 2006 we published the book From Combat To Career.  The manual shows how these men and women can jump-start their civilian careers after their tour of duty.  It’s a dynamic guide that offers a comprehensive plan of attack, with detailed, step-by-step instructions for implementing a successful job search.

It was and is just our little token of appreciation for all that they have done for our country.  We’ve been getting them out for free since then.  If you know of a veteran that is in need of a little transition assistance, have them contact us here and we’ll provide them with a free copy. No strings, gimmicks, or games. Just a book and tools that might help their transition along with a “thank you.”



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