Will Sandy Pope Take Down Hoffa In Teamsters Election?

Does Sandy Pope have Jimmy Hoffa Jr. on his heels?  Former truck driver Alexandra “Sandy” Pope, has been taking on one of organized labor’s biggest names for the right to lead the 1.4 million-member International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

With only a week left in balloting that began on Oct. 6, Pope is optimistic about her chances against Hoffa, 70, the attorney who’s headed the national union since 1999.

“James Hoffa has gotten by on name recognition alone,” Pope said. “He sees the power of the union as top down, emanating from him, his name, his celebrity status. I think his name is mud right now.”

The Teamsters represent a vast swath of transportation-related jobs, from truckers and warehouse workers to airline pilots and mechanics.

Its membership is down from a high of 2 million, the union’s powerful patina chipped away by automation, the economic downturn, concessions and the rise of non-union companies, Pope said.

“Most of our members are angry and hurting,” she said.

Pope’s platform returns power back to local unions. “We have to protect our good contracts, and Hoffa’s been giving them up and letting corporations do what they want.”

We’ll see what happens, but Hoffa’s old man must be rolling in his grave just giving thought to the fact that a strong, and independent minded women could conceivably become the next international president of the Teamsters.


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