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Skilled Workers Appeal Ratification Of Chrysler Contract.

On November 4, 2011, an appeal was filed by UAW skilled trades members to overturn the decision of UAW President Bob King and the International Executive Board (IEB) that the Skilled Trades section of the 2011 Chrysler-UAW Contract was ratified.

The appeal letter was written by George Windau, a member of Toledo Jeep Unit, Local 12, and co-signed by UAW skilled trades members from other Local Unions in Michigan and Ohio.

The letter asks for documentation on how President King and the IEB arrived at their decision on the same day the vote totals were announced. Whereas the contract was ratified by the whole membership by 54%, the skilled trades rejection was by 55%.

Brother Windau and  co-appellants thus far start the formal appeal process claiming that Brother King and the IEB violated the UAW Constitution with their summary rejection of the Skilled Trades ballot results.

“We feel it is time for the UAW to recognize that when you cast a vote it means something. We were not asked why we voted no. Our voices need to be honored and heard”, claims Windau.

The appellants are requesting that the UAW inform the Chrysler Group LLC that the contract cannot be finalized until a decision is reached by the UAW’s Public Review Board.

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