Whistle-Blowing Workers Beaten, Have Acid Thrown On Them In NY.

Court papers show that contractors working on a $13 million Brooklyn housing project paid people to throw acid on and beat the whistle-blowing workers responsible for the indictment of a top city official on charges of a kickback scheme.

The contractors in question worked for Bogdan Starzecki, head of the MCR Restoration Corp., reports the Daily News. Sources identified Starzecki as a witness against Assistant Housing Commissioner Wendell Walters.  On October 6, Walters was charged with taking $600,000 in bribes from developers and contractors since 2002.

The list of people supplying the bribes to Walters, a key official in the Housing Preservation and Development department’s affordable housing program, included Starzecki.  Sources confirmed that Starzecki was the witness identified in the indictment as John Doe No. 1.

The investigation that led to Walters’ indictment began in 2008, when the FBI launched a probe of kickbacks and violence at the Watkins Avenue Cluster in Greenpoint.  Starzecki, his subcontractor Jozef Wolosz and confessed acid-thrower Dariusz Lapinski pleaded guilty this year.

The violence began in 2006 after 11 hardhats sued Starzecki and Wolosz, owner of Keystone Renovations Corp.  Walters, Starzecki and Wolosz retaliated with death threats—and by throwing acid on a worker’s girlfriend.

“Give them a f-cking beating. … Those people who f-cking did this to me, I will f-cking get them one by one,” a Keystone operative told a hired individual in a secretly recorded phone call.  Source:  Alex Mangini, Staff Writer; All Media NY.


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