NLRB Claims Target Intimidated, Threatened Workers Before Union Election.

The Brooklyn, New York NLRB has more evidence that Target intimidated workers by threatening to close a unit if the union was voted  in during a campaign, and election this past summer.  The additional charges may provide enough evidence for a judge to recommend the election results be overturned.

Target won the June election  137-85, but the union has filed objections with the NLRB for intimidation and wrongful termination of a union supporter, according to the NLRB.  The Board has already filed one complaint and a second complaint documenting the agency’s findings may be filed next week.  If the judge agrees with the Board, it could lead to the throwing out of the results and a new election.

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1500  recently withdrew an objection related to the firing of  internal Target union organizer Tashawna Green; however they planned to refile the complaint.  Subsequent to the election, UFCW Local 1500 President Bruce Both complained that workers had been subject to a  “campaign of threats, intimidation and illegal acts by Target management.”

The union targeted a campaign at over two dozen Target stores in early 2010 and with this recent round of activity, the UFCW is sure to continue to pursue organizing at Target stores.


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