Fired To Hired Via Facebook: The Social Jobs Partnership.

As we have all come to understand using Facebook, to disparage your employer can get you fired, unless you happen to sell BMWs in Chicago.  However Facebook apparently feels just terrible about this and so they have begun working with the Department of Labor to create what is now being referred to as the “Social Jobs Partnership.”  Why is it that everything with this administration is a “partnership.”

Perhaps this move has something to do with the lackluster reception of BeKnown, but whatever the reason this actually seems to be both important and positive. When fully implemented, the Social jobs Partnership will send job postings directly to job seekers, allow employers to find possible applicants who may not be thinking about their specific company, and potentially change some interesting components of the entire job search process.   Nothing like the U.S government and Facebook attempting to make folks reliant on a single source… uh, partnership.  Read more here.


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