Watch Latest US Chamber Ad Slam The NLRB.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce began airing a television ad today that attacks the National Labor Relations Board for its complaint against the Boeing Co.  The ad, called Step Forward, is playing in Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia. It will run for a week, then the chamber will re-evaluate its effects and decide whether to expand the advertisement, said Justin Hakes, a spokesman for the chamber.

The ad opens with a shot of workers on a rooftop and moves inside a plant to show someone working on an airplane. Then the picture darkens, showing shadowy figures and an empty warehouse while a narrator says government regulators may close the North Charleston plant.

The NLRB filed a complaint against Boeing in April, arguing the aerospace giant’s decision to open a plant in North Charleston was retaliation against the Machinists union for past strikes. The case proceeded to an administrative law court in June, and the hearing is ongoing.

The NLRB argues the expansion to North Charleston committed unfair labor practices because the move was an illegal transfer of work to a non-union facility, and the move was meant to punish workers in Puget Sound for past strikes. The complaint quotes Boeing executives saying the Lowcountry plant is a way to avoid union strikes in Washington state.

The complaint asks a court to order Boeing to open a 787 assembly line in Puget Sound.



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