Hoffa “‘Hold Accountable’ Those Who Backed for Obama’s Free Trade Deals.”

Well it seems Hoffa has reversed field regarding his glowing praise for President Obama that was so evident during the recent labor day rally in Detroit.  Hoffa is now pledging to hold those accountable who voted for the recently passed and “Obama backed” Free Trade Agreements.  “Obama backed” raises eyebrows coming from the mouth of one of his staunch supporters. Teamsters Union President James P. Hoffa said that his union will “hold accountable” members of Congress who voted to pass the three long’delayed free trade agreements last week. “The Teamsters will hold members of Congress accountable at the ballot box for their votes on these damaging trade deals,” Hoffa said in a statement denouncing the deals. “Our representatives just voted to damage our economy, raise unemployment and lower workers’ wages,” he said. “These trade deals protect the profit of multinationals at the expense of American working families.”


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