UAW, Bob King Bite The Hand That Feed….Again.

For the UAW’s Bob King to be carrying on as he is below, and for representatives to be carrying a “No More Bailouts” sign is the height of hypocritical behavior witnessed through the lens of Occupy Wall Street.  What don’t you get Bob? You and your union were bailed out.

Do you not understand that there would be a much smaller domestic  auto industry in the U.S. had we the tax payer not bailed out two of the Big 3. These bailouts meant that UAW members would continue to have jobs, and you Mr. King would still have a union that employs you.

 The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) has endorsed the Occupy Wall Streetmovement for economic and political justice.  Citing the long overdue need to reorder America’s economic priorities, the UAW will commit resources and activate its membership nationally in support of reclaiming the American economy on behalf of working men and women, the poor, the elderly, the unemployed and our nation’s youth.

“America is not broke,” said UAW President Bob King, “We have the resources to turn our economy around.  The courage and determination of the Occupy Wall Street movement has galvanized generations of Americans fed up with corporate greed and feeling powerless. They have a vision toward a more just, equal, and fair society- demanding real democracy.”

UAW members throughout the New York area have been participating in Occupy Wall Street, including the demonstration against police brutality, the march across the Brooklyn Bridge, and participating in the occupation of Zucotti Park on the doorstep of Wall Street. Members in Massachusetts have been participating in the New York demonstrations as well as protests in Boston.

“We recognize the need to work together and learn from each other,” said Julie Kushner, UAW Region 9ADirector. “The vitality, energy and dialogue growing from the Occupy Wall Street movement show the potential to organize, build power and win justice for the middle class.”

“Our members in New York and throughout the region are activists and deeply committed to building a coalition-based movement. Fighting for jobs and economic justice and demanding that millionaires pay their fair share is something we are proud to be a part of in the Occupy Wall Street movement,” Kushner added.


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