UAW-Ford Workers Organizing “No” Vote On Contract.

Talk about a potential public relations nightmare for Bob King and the UAW.  Doubly bad for old Bob as Ford is where the young union rep/attorney cut his teeth.  The early results of the high stakes poker game, also known as voting on the new Ford-United Auto Workers contract are nearly break-even, according to Detroit newspapers. Reformers in the union are organizing to get the 41,000 Ford workers to once again vote “no” on their national contract, as they did in October 2009.  Here is the “lowlights” document circulating among the UAW rank and file.

UAW reformers point out that the contract would freeze wages and substitute bonuses—which wouldn’t recover the losses from years of concessions—and it would permanently institutionalize the two-tier wage system. Despite raises for the lower tier, it provides no bridge to higher wages.

With 7.3 percent of votes reported, production workers have voted “yes” by 50.1 percent and skilled trades “no” by 54.8 percent. Local 900, covering a Focus assembly plant west of Detroit where the shop chair opposed the agreement because of onerous “alternative work schedules,” voted “no” by 56 votes.  You can read more about the goings on of the vote which is scheduled to wrap up on October 18 at these sites.  Soldiers of Solidarity,  Factory Rat, and


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