AFL- CIO: 5-Cent Hot Dog Sale To Benefit Millionaires.

Over New Mexico, there’s a big, hot air balloon flying with a sign declaring “Jobs, Not Cuts.”

The balloon, at an air show, is one of the ways the AFL-CIO is promoting its “America Wants to Work” week of action on jobs and justice that is occurring this week.  Long title, a bit backwards, but I get it.

The week’s activities include marches, rallies, and teach-ins in dozens of cities. The balloon flight in New Mexico is one of the more unusual ways to get the message across, along with a sarcastic 5-cent hot dog sale to benefit millionaires, in Colorado.

Trumka says, that “the nation’s CEOs, who gave themselves a cumulative 27 % raise last year while sitting on $2 trillion and refusing to create jobs in the U.S., don’t really need the break but the rest of the country does.”

Trumka says the activity is designed to “force politicians’ attention on real ways to create jobs, by repairing infrastructure, keeping teachers, firefighters, and other public workers employed, and extending jobless benefits.”   Bla, bla, bla….go here for a map of events near you.

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