Hoffa Served Lawsuit By Challenger To End Collusion With Rogue Investigative Unit.

On the eve of a Teamster election, several months after a lawsuit against him was filed, International Brotherhood of Teamsters President James P. Hoffa was served Friday in Washington DC with a summons to answer a lawsuit charging him with colluding with the US Department of Justice-sponsored embedded “watchdog” that has targeted the Teamster President’s critics and has drained $147 million from the Teamster Union treasury over the past 22 years.
The lawsuit was filed by Fred Gegare a respected international IBT Vice President from Green Bay, Wisconsin who is challenging Hoffa for the top position in the October election, and 48 other IBT members.
“Hoffa promised repeatedly that he would take steps to end the consent decree, but this unsupervised rogue unit known as the Independent Review Board (IRB) continues to bleed our treasury and to target his critics and political opponents” says Gegare, “This drain on our treasury, long after the initial purpose of the IRB was finished, amounts to a theft of our members’ hard earned union dues money, which should be used to protect their standard of living.”
The US Attorney General has been named as a defendant and sis expected to soon receive a summons. The lawsuit, an amended complaint (see attached), was filed in New York Federal District Court. The IRB was installed twenty two years ago as a result of the controversial misuse of the RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations) statute by former US Attorney Rudy Giuliani who sought a short cut to go after mobbed up or corrupt officials, almost all of whom operated in a handful of locals of the 700 locals of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters by establishing a government run investigative unit that would have extraordinary power – without the usual checks and balances — to investigate any perceived wrongdoing, remove officials, etc…Read the actual complaint here.

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