Oh, oh! NLRB, Becker Conflict Of Interest Over Ownership Of Boeing Stock.

Federal financial disclosure forms reveal that Craig Becker, a key union-friendly vote on the NLRB, owned stock in Boeing at the beginning of this year. Becker is one of federal agency’s Democratic board members.

According to documents obtained by the National Right to Work Committee, as of January 2011 Becker owned between $1,001 and $15,000 in Boeing stock, earning between $201 and $1,000 in dividends. This particular public financial disclosure report does not require more specific information.

The disclosure already has people detecting a potential conflict of interest. “The fact that Mr. Becker owns or owned stock in Boeing could be extremely detrimental to the NLRB’s case against that company,” says F. Vincent Vernuccio, labor policy counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “If Mr. Becker currently owns stock in Boeing then he should recuse himself from hearing the case.”

Any recusal could imperil the NLRB’s ability to take the Boeing case at all. Since former member Wilma Liebman’s term expired, the normally five-member board is down to just three members. “The Supreme Court recently ruled that the NLRB must have three members or there will be no quorum,” says Vernuccio. “If Becker is not able to sit on the case there can be no decision for Boeing.” Get the full read by  at the American Spectator here.


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