Actual UAW-GM Contract Communications. Courtesy, Solidarity House.

Here is the actual GM-UAW communication to all bargaining unit employees, courtesy of Solidarity House. Included is:


  • A message to UAW members at GM from Bob King, UAW President, and Joe Ashton, VP of the GM unit.
  • Overview of work being brought back from Mexico resulting in $2.5 billion in new product commitments.
  • Major wage increases for entry-level employees.
  • Healthcare improvements for entry-level workers.
  • New lump sum payments, profit-sharing and quality bonus demonstrating significant economic gains.
  • Health care benefits improved, expanded and protected.
  • Health care benefits provided under patient protection and Affordable Care Act made contractual.
  • Information for workers at GM Components Holdings plants.
  • 1,300 displaced skilled trades workers to be offered positions.
  • Improvements in supplemental unemployment benefits.
  • Job Security and SUB duration maintained.
  • Education and training remain a priority.
  • Improved employee communication processes.
  • Additional improvements in bereavement, vacation, military leave, attendance, establishment of pay card, and legal services.
  • Improvements in the Employee Placement system.
  • Improvements in Life & Disability.
  • Work/Family programs reinforced and diversity training assured.
  • Sixty-three holidays over four years.

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