Cool Tool: Labor Attorneys, Labor Relations & HR Pros.

OK, so I’m not pimping a product, but you need to check this out.  I get asked frequently…”Jim, you’re an outplacement guy.  Why the interest in labor?”  Many reasons.  I grew up in Cleveland, OH through the downturn of the steel industry, studied labor in school, and then worked for a long time doing labor relations, arbitration, negotiations, etc.  I just enjoy it.  I’ve come across a pretty interesting tool that some of you will want to get your hands on.  It’s a called The Edge, and it certainly provides one.  Here’s the deal.

There’s a group called Labor Research Partners and they provide instant access to every RC, RD, RM and ULP case from every NLRB office and deliver it to your desktop, laptop, phone, etc., daily.  National, regional, and local.

So what?  Well, let’s say your Dell Computer; would it not be important to know right away that one of your key suppliers has just been petitioned for an election and to send resources, consultants, movies and popcorn ensuring that the campaign is fairly waged?

Labor attorney, consultant?  Need to get ahead of the curve, identify some new potential clients before others?  This tool makes sense. Check out the sample below.  Those are petitions filed today….9/21/2011.  Don’t know how he gets it, but he does.  Pretty cool right?

The data is easy to sort which is helpful in getting a feel for which unions are focusing their attention and resources where.  You can get this data elsewhere, but you can’t get it in such an easy format, at a better price, or faster….not even close.  I know the data is solid because firms big, and small, consultancies, those in economic development, and others have checked it out, and subscribed.  They have a free trial, it’s a great value.

Check out today’s petitions…… Petitions-Daily_09-21-11, and or see today’s cases Cases-Daily_09-21-11.  Here is a link to their site.  The best guy to contact there is a fellow by the name of Bert Vilato and his direct line is 914.565.10355.  Good guy.


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