Welcome To The Next Generation Union Organizer Summit.

With an eye toward developing the next generation of labor activists leaders of the AFL-CIO are bringing Next Up, a summit for young workers, to the Twin Cities.

Geared toward workers under 35, Next Up is “a creative, dynamic summit designed for young workers, by young workers.” It will take place Sept. 29 to Oct. 2 in Minneapolis, and is open to union and non-union workers alike.  There will be congressional leaders and other heavy weights…Trumka, etc in attendance.

Here is a quick look at the topics upon the agenda:

  • Building Unity and Fighting Back:  Worker Centers and Broadening the Labor Movement.
  • State Battles:  We Are One.
  • Attacks on Voting:  “A Threat to American Democracy.”
  • Building a Cross Generational Labor Movement.

Core workshops:

  • Union 101
  • How to organize on campus.
  • Basics of an organizing campaign.
  • Infusion: Art and organizing.
  • Immigration 101.
  • Public policy 101.
  • Organizing in a global context.
  • Comedy through activism.
  • Using social media
  • Organizing 101
  • Building young worker groups.
  • Robert’s rules of order.
  • Union 101 for non-union workers.
  • Inoculation training.

Break-out sessions include:

  • Children of the Great recession.
  • Coalition building.
  • Connecting the global labor movement.
  • Organizing new workforce’s.

Here is quick take from one of the releases:

  • There’s no AARP for young people and this is it.
  • Looking to be a solid ally and a major player within the youth movement.
  • Joblessness is the biggest challenge facing young workers. The unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds averaged 18.4 %.
  • Youth face increasing inaccessibility of higher education and skyrocketing debt loads among college graduates.
  • Youth workers also suffer higher injury rates on work-sites.
  • Second-ranking elected official in the AFL-CIO, Liz Shuler, has made outreach to young workers one of her top priorities.
  • Program has grown to 20 active groups across the country within individual unions and labor councils or federations.
  • Build a framework that AFL-CIO affiliate unions can use to start young worker groups.
  • Get young people to go from being union members to being union activists.
  • Leverage off the college and high school students were at the forefront of massive, pro-union demonstrations in Madison, Wis.

Here you go for a link to the site, full agenda, and registration….see ya’ll there.



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