Tennessee Paying $10K Per Person For “Career Transition Services?”

Meet the coach; mobile career coach that is. Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development has three mobile coaches, costing more than $188,000 each – money which came from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the recent government stimulus package.  Now I understand that it’s hard for some based on logistics to drive 30+ miles to get to one of the state’s career centers, but a lot of that info is online, and even if you don’t have a computer, a local library, community college, or school does. Each of these buses is staffed with a four person team that provides training and job search guidance.  Here’s the problem. According to the site getonthecoach.tn.gov only 61 people have been hired as a result of these coaches since April of this year.  $188,000 x 3 = $564,000.  Toss in the salaries and benefits for the staff, gas, expenses, etc., and you’re at or above $10,000 per hire.  That’s expensive career transition service.  Below are some of the “brochure statement” from various outlets concerning the coaches.

The Coaches serve 95 counties in Tennessee and are mobile units that offer career center services to those Tennesseans who may not have a center in close proximity to their home or place of work.   The Career Coach is set up as a computer lab classroom where job seekers can search online job postings and submit résumés online or via fax as well as take part in valuable workshops, including résumé preparation, job search skills and interviewing skills.

Each unit is made up of 10 workstations equipped with a laptop with high speed Internet connection.  The mobile units will offer the same services available to our customers as when they walk into one of our Career Centers located across the state.  Job applicants can register for work and search available job openings online. They also can take part in the three workshops we offer – résumé preparation, job search skills and interviewing skills.

I guess it’s still safe to assume that if it’s in the phone book, the government probably shouldn’t do it.


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