400 Workers Evacuated After Fired Worker Delivers “Odd” Package To HR.

About 400 employees were ordered to leave Missoula’s DirecTV call center Monday afternoon after a former employee allegedly delivered a package filled with white powder, satanic symbols – and photos of the human resources worker who had fired her, according to the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department.

A 24-year-old Missoula woman was being questioned by authorities Monday evening in connection with the incident, said sheriff’s Detective Jason Johnson.

She told authorities that “she wanted to make the recipient of the envelope nervous for a few days because he had recently fired her from DirecTV,” he said. The woman said that “she had no idea that her actions would have caused the kind of response that it did.”

The incident began at around 3:30 p.m. when “an adult female came into the DirecTV office and gave a security guard an envelope, asking that it be delivered to a human resources employee. Once the employee opened the envelope, he found pictures of himself among several Wicca and satanic symbols in addition to the white substance,” said Johnson. Employees were ordered to leave the building and a Missoula Rural Fire HazMat team was called, he said.

People reviewing a security tape recognized the woman as a former employee, he said. Law enforcement officers who went to the woman’s home found more of the substance on her porch, he said. It turned out to be table salt, he said. While they were there, the woman returned home and was taken into custody. The woman, whose name was not immediately released, may face a charge of assault with a weapon because the substance was perceived as a biological weapon, he said No one was injured in the incident.  Source:  Gwen Florio, The Missoulian.


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