Kenexa Launches Synergy Awards To Recognize HR Successes.

WAYNE, PA, Aug 23, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Kenexa KNXA +0.61% , a global provider of business solutions for human resources, today launched the Synergy Awards, which celebrates HR programs and achievements that drive successful business outcomes and improve the lives of the people the programs touch. Award nominations will be accepted on the Kenexa website, , until November 2011, and winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in early 2012.

“Better HR means a better company, and the Synergy Awards provide an opportunity for HR professionals to showcase how their accomplishments have led to improved business outcomes. The Awards are intended to recognize the many success stories in the HR industry, as well as provide models of effective HR management and execution, which can be replicated in other organizations,” stated Tim Geisert, Chief Marketing Officer for Kenexa. “Kenexa has a long history of improving companies and enriching lives. Understanding how others have overcome similar challenges to improve their business can help spur us all to even greater success.”

The award nominations will be judged by an independent jury, and successful entries will best show documented, demonstrable ROI as evidence of their successful programs. Awards will be distributed across six categories:

        --  Succeeding in the Mission: The category will showcase HR teams that
            can snap into action, make decisions and manage many moving parts to
            direct a company toward achieving its mission.
        --  Great Science, Great Practice: The category will demonstrate the
            effective collaboration and application of science and practice for
            hiring and engagement.
        --  Growing Employee Engagement: The category will highlight effective,
            multifaceted approaches toward maintaining and advancing employee
        --  HR Innovation: The open-ended category will enable nominees to share
            their perspectives and success stories about how their own HR
            innovations made critical contributions to an organization's growth
            and success.
        --  Going Global with HR Practices: The category will recognize global HR
            practices that help an organization advance their company's mission
            and success around the globe.
        --  Building the Team: This category will showcase excellent and
            innovative examples of sourcing and recruitment strategies and
            practices that fulfilled an immediate need or an important corporate

Geisert continued, “The diversity of award categories demonstrates the vast spectrum of opportunities that HR has to make a positive impact every day. The Synergy Awards are a forum for mutual learning through sharing the success stories and lessons learned of HR in action.”

Participants will also be featured on the Kenexa website and in Kenexa’s annual HR success stories publication. For companies submitting winning submissions, Kenexa will provide a charitable contribution to a recognized organization of the winner’s choosing as well as highlight the winning story in a full-page advertisement in a relevant industry publication. Winners also will receive an award crafted by artisans exclusively for the Synergy Awards.

For more information about the Synergy Awards or to submit a nomination, please visit .

About Kenexa Kenexa KNXA +0.61% helps drive HR and business outcomes through its unique combination of technology, content and services. Enabling organizations to optimize their workforces since 1987, Kenexa’s integrated talent acquisition and talent management solutions have touched the lives of more than 110 million people.

Additional information about Kenexa and its global products and services can be accessed at . Follow Kenexa on Twitter: @kenexa.

SOURCE: Kenexa


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