Unemployment: The Real Story.

Everyone is wondering and asking when will the economy start to improve?  We should also start to ask, can we have infinite growth on a finite planet?  Or, Is growing the economy to make money simply to live the only way to exist on our planet? Or, should we consider the possibility of balance and harmony between humanity and the planet as opposed to the “growth” model that causes many unfavorable issues worldwide including environmental disaters, poverty and social stratification?

There are several key factors that need to be addressed in order to find an answer to the unemployment problem.  These issues are normally hidden in plain sight masked by mainstream news denying everyone the true story.  When understood how clear and simply these notions are, a transformation in the human mind will occur with the understanding that we need a better system.  Let’s take a look.

  • Inflation – Inflation is the devaluation of a currency that reduces the purchasing power of every consumer.  The more money pumped into the system devalues the already existing money supply.  A reflection – higher prices for goods and services.
  • Job-outsourcing – In order for American companies to stay competitive they must follow this trend in order to stay in business.  A lot of manufacturing and service sector jobs have been shipped over seas and will not be replaced in an age of economic globalization.  The only people who win in this scenario are those at the top of the corporations who play this game.
  • Watching the bottom line – In business, profit always comes before people or businesses will fail and close. Lay-offs are on-going in order for businesses to maintain market share.  Shareholders are priority one to businesses, not employees.
  • Technological Unemployment – This will be the downfall of our current monetary economic system.  Many people have been laid off due to automation.  Machines do not need a break, benefits, insurance, sleep, etc.  Humans cannot compete with automation for jobs.  Many corporations have automated factories and service sector jobs and will continue to do so to watch the bottom line.  These job losses are not coming back.  Considering this trend, no one will have any purchasing power left to buy what corporations are selling.

Where do we find growth and balance?  Growth can be the short term goal with balance and harmony being the long term goal.  Growth is occurring and will continue to occur in science and technology that is geared towards sustainable systems. This will bring balance and harmony to humanity and its relationship with the planet.  This is the trend.  Cleaner energy andtransportation systems, the ability to feed everyone on the planet, products that last for extended periods of time and so on.

If you are looking to find a job, look in this discipline.  If you are going to school or looking to go back to school, consider getting degrees in engineering, computer programming, architecture, technical design, or any science and technology degree.  These jobs will be in demand as we transition in to a better living environment from scarcity to abundance.  Look at and follow the trends so you are not left behind. ~ Tony Toto.Milwaukee Business Insight Examiner.



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