US Defines ‘Temporary’ As 35 Years.

So with the expiration of the federal government’s 35-year-old temporary unemployment tax, are employers free to define “temporary employment” as “not to exceed 35 calendar  years?”  What about aliens, resident aliens, foreign students, etc.?  Jus` sayyin  dawwg.  Pretty nice little kick for employers; but I’ll bet you all my Monopoly money that we’ll see legislators take another poke a raising minimum wage again in short order.  No free lunches!

Virtually every private employer in the United States will get a tax cut today.It will not affect workers’ paychecks. But the expiration of a 35-year-old temporary unemployment tax – about $14 a year per worker – will mean real money for some big companies at a time when President Obama is pushing Congress to raise taxes on some businesses by closing loopholes.

Amid a fierce debate over whether higher taxes should be part of a deal to reduce annual deficits – in exchange for letting the government go further into debt – the small cut in federal unemployment taxes has received little attention on Capitol Hill. Most employers probably do not even know they are getting it, especially those who are being hit with bigger increases in state jobless taxes.

But business groups say every little bit helps, whether you’re a small employer struggling to make a payroll or a huge company like Wal-Mart, with more than 1.4 million US workers. That adds up to nearly $20 million a year in savings for Wal-Mart…Read More.


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