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Bad Press For The HR Department.

The press is definitely going through a difficult period. The tabloid News of the World, which belonged to press baron Rupert Murdoch, said goodbye to its readers after revelations that its staff had hacked phone messages of crime victims, politicians and celebrities. More than 100 years of journalistic history has come to an end with more than 160 employees on the street. It calls one’s attention to the fact that while this was happening, Human Resources, responsible for keeping an eye on the business ethics of the company, turned a deaf ear to what was happening in their offices.  Read more from Nuria Garcia Roche at the Independent here.

The Ladders: Climbing, Not Falling. Signature Program Update.










The following is from TheLadders blog regarding their new Signature Program:

I’d personally like to thank TheLadders members for their overwhelming response to our Signature launch!

Due to overwhelming demand, TheLadders is sorry to announce that we must temporarily delay starting new customers into our Signature program – essentially, we have sold out. This shows how successful the program has been, as well as the desire for job seekers to work one-on-one with a career advisor to find the career path that is their perfect fit.

In order to give the personal touch that Signature requires, we must, for the moment, halt new entrants into the program as we significantly increase our capacity. We are very sorry to all those on our waiting list and others who want to participate in this program; however, we are very excited to start working new job seekers when we kick-off new Signature engagements in August.

To learn more about our Signature program and how you can receive a one-on-one approach to your job search, please visit us And as always, feel free to reach out to us at TheLadders with any questions.

Amanda Augustine


Amanda Augustine is the Program Manager of Consumer Services at and a graduate of Marist College. Always on the go at work and away,

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