HR Weiners Needed In 2012.

We Need An HR Weiner in 2012! Want a seat at the table?

Representative Anthony Weiner is living up to his surname while those entrusted with demonstrating  leadership gauge the political winds and sneak glimpses  as the media exposes Mr. Wiener.  “Hey Congressman, instead of saying that extra prayer silently under your breath, is it too much to show some balls?”  I’m done with the puns, but seriously.

Elected and appointed officials can’t seem to deal with a simple HR issue.   No wonder we’re in trouble as a country.

Private sector firms Pizza Hut, Proctor & Gamble, Wal-Mart, Chrysler and Microsoft have fired employees for virtually the same thing.  Teachers, cops, coaches, and locally elected officials have been suspended indefinitely pending a further investigation of the facts.  These organizations fear what Mr. Weiner and many others in higher office don’t.  The EEOC, OFCCP, and Department of Human Rights are agencies in part designed to ensure this type of behavior does not go unchecked.  Failing them, there are employment attorneys.  I’m no fan of the NCAA, but they have at least been able to apply pressure upon organizations resulting in the right thing being done at Ohio State and Tennessee recently.  Funny thing is, both coaches, Tressel & Pearl are rumored to be contemplating politics as a career move.

The Ways & Means Committee has a Human Resources Sub-Committee which clearly defines what chair and at which table HR sits at from the Fed’s perspective.

What we need is an old school aggressive HR pro to counsel some sense into the culture.  Bring some corporate governance style accountability to governance.  No?  Use the investigative arms available to ensure compliance; you know “keep a foot on the throat” of government BP style.  Compensation planning aligned with debt reduction, resource allocation aligned with national goals, incentive plans linked to welfare reform & education metrics along with manpower planning based on revenue.  “Go ahead get re-elected, but if your numbers continue to decline, you’ll be working for free.”

I don’t think this would be a fit for the employee engagement, talent management, and eloquent HR types.  More of a Walter Reuther, Louis Gerstner, and Jack Welch blend.

Who would this person report to?  HR Bloggers?  Not sure, but I’d be interested in other’s opinions.


I’m Jim Tait, and HR 2012 is where I write about, well… HR Stuff and Things For 2012. One of the coolest things about my job is the unique opportunity to speak with and visit HR professionals and leaders across numerous businesses and industries.  I listen, synthesize, and then project to 2012.  I’m not trying to be Ms. Cleo; just trying to think ahead.

When I’m not agitating here, I’m agitating my wife De Ann, our five kids, or the dog.  

I’m also the lucky founder of OPI National Outplacement.  OPI National Outplacement and Career Transition Services is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, and has served companies and individuals in multiple industries since 1999. Specializing in large, complex, project work OPI has supported groups from 2 to 2,000 throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Prior to OPI, I did time with Union Carbide, ABB, and AlliedSignal in various Executive Operations and HR roles.  I can be reached at 865-531-9154.


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